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A comprehensive assessment of conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), chemical exposure, cerebrovascular disease, and more.

Moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries, lead exposure, anoxic injuries, and other conditions can produce psychological and cognitive problems that may not be readily apparent during casual interactions or routine medical appointments, but may nevertheless impair quality of life. For this reason, a detailed neuropsychological evaluation is often necessary to detect problems and make subsequent treatment recommendations.

Neuropsychological assessment involves multiple methods of investigation and examines biological, psychological, and contextual factors in producing a comprehensive assessment of functioning. Testing usually includes review of medical records, clinical interview, psychometric testing, personality assessment, and sometimes interview(s) with informants. It concludes with a feedback session during which we will discuss your results.

Because of the detailed nature of these evaluations, testing can take up to 8 hrs. The evaluation can be spread over 2 days, if desired.

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